Sunwapta Falls

FAQ’s for Job Seekers

1. Do you provide accommodation? If so, How much does it cost and what’s included?
A: Yes we do! Staff accommodation is $250/m, deducted from your paycheque. It includes: heat, hot water, a staff phone line with voicemail (cell phone service doesn’t work, but you can use wifi texting), satellite internet (wifi), satellite TV. (You can buy long distance calling cards from the gift shop!).

2. Do I share a room or get my own?
A: Everyone except for supervisors share a room with one other staff member.

3. What are the rooms like?
A: See this video! It shows the rooms of staff from previous years. Once you apply, your manager will give you all the details!

4. What’s the pet policy? Can I bring any pets?
A: We have a strict no pet policy, so make sure you make plans to have someone you know and love to take care of your special animal friend!

5. What about food? Do I have to buy my own?
A: Yes, you buy your own food. We have scheduled staff trips to town for you to go grocery shopping, do banking, or just hang out in the town for the afternoon. You also get 40% off in the restaurant.
We have a staff kitchen with fridges, stoves, pots, pans, and all the dishes you need to cook and eat!

6. What’s there to do and see in my spare time?
A: Too much to list! Start by watching all the videos we have on our YouTube Channel! We also organize staff trips where you get to do all the cool activities in the area, and see some amazing things… free.
There are lots of local trails for walking, hiking and biking or if you just feel like relaxing on property, there’s friends to hang out with in the staff areas.

7. How much will I work?
A: We operate on a 6 day work week with opportunities for you to pick up additional hours in other departments. The people you work with are the people that you live with and become friends with, so lots of staff like to work additional hours with their friends. In short, there’s opportunities to get a lot of hours.

8. How much money can I expect to save?
A: The cost of living at Sunwapta is VERY LOW at only $275 plus food and long distance. How much you save is really up to you, but this is a great opportunity for you to save for education, travel or whatever is on your list.

9. Is Sunwapta open year round?
A: Sunwapta is open from May 15 to mid October. We actually open to guests on May 15, but lots of staff arrive on May 8.