Virtual Grizzly Bear

You got the fur to stand next to an 8 foot, 1400lb Grizzly??? Here’s your chance!

That’s right! You can stand right beside a huge grizz and not even worry about him touching a hair on your head! How is this possible? 

Ours is only ONE INCH thick and doesn’t eat people! Sunwapta Sam is the wold’s FIRST and ONLY Holobear! This is a moving, talking virtual recreation of a REAL 8 Foot Tall 1400lb Grizzly Bear!  This is as close as it gets to the real thing! Great for video and for pictures adn 100% FREE OF CHARGE! Come on in and wrestle your fears to the ground!

Hello! Is it ME You’re looking for? Where am I?

Sunwapta Sam lives at Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge.

Driving from the town of Jasper? The Lodge is in the heart of Jasper National Park, 53km SOUTH of downtown Jasper. If you’re coming from Jasper, you’ll be driving SOUTH on Highway 93. We’re the first facility on the west side of the highway. It takes about 40 minutes to get here… if you don’t stop to see all the amazing sites on the way!

Driving from Banff or Lk. Louise? If you’re coming from Lake Louise we’re 179km NORTH on Highway 93. As you’re driving up, you will come to a major stop roughly every 50km or so: Bow Lake with Num Ti Jah Lodge followed by  the  Saskatchewan River Crossing, then the famous Columbia Icefields and finally 50km north of that SUNWPATA FALLS! We’re on the west side of the road!. Learn more about our location!

Jasper the Grizzly Bear

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